Sunday, July 25, 2010


Being a complicated girl in a simple life is quite frustrating sometimes. I'll start off introducing myself before I explain. My names Miranda McColman(no e), I'm 18 and from a small town just outside of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. I'm starting this blog for all of the people who are stuck in a situation and just want to live their lives. The way they planned. So thats pretty much it. Justkidding. Theres much more to me, and you will get to know the person I am through out these posts. Feel free to comment, or share stories.

Everyday here in Chelmsford is the same. Same faces, same atmosphere...just SameSameSame. Most people around here are satisfied with this lifestyle. Well ImNOT. I guess you can call me a dreamer, optomist, or just playing the waiting game until I become one of the most elite people in the world. HOPEFULLY. doubtfully but hopefully. I moved to Chelmsford from Barrie, Ontario. Now Barrie isnt NewYork City, but its a big enough place. Close enough to Toronto that is. I had no idea what this town was when I got here about nine years ago. I know.... heartbreaking.

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